We are competitively priced with certified grooming - grooming can be selected without any other services


Come in for a tour and see our state of the art Grooming area with (2) Sav-Ur-Fur systems that help specifically with de-shedding. We have two state of the art tubs, selection is based on comfort for your dog

Your dog will look awesome, be healthy (with trimmed nails and clean ears) and most of all be happy

    To reduce stress - our grooming cage banks allow your dog to not have to face another dog whilst waiting their turn whether bathing, drying or cutting

We will provide an excellent grooming experience for you and your dog
Regular drop-off is between 8:30am and 9:30am
    Most pickups are between 11am and 3pm but we will call you when ready
    If you need drop off or pickup outside of the above hours: We have Play & Groom (or Stay and Groom) to be of service for you.
    Our extended Play & Groom (or Stay & Groom) offers drop-off and pickup anytime within our lobby hours: Play and Groom option or Stay and Groom -- we will provide excellent care during their day with us and they will be all freshly groomed for you