We are always striving for top-notch excellent service for you and your pup - every day

The Coastal Canine Team:  

A team of full time individuals working together to provide excellent service for dogs and their humans.  At Coastal Canine Resort we strive to build and keep the best of the best working here.  Each person is selected for their ability to treat each other (and the dogs) with care and respect because we believe the DOGS know and you trust us!   We genuinely believe that the dogs act and feel their best when humans interact well with each other.  Our team has proven "stick to-itiveness" and we are proud to have them here for many years and many levels of education.   Including but not limited to several BS's and BA's as well as Certificate in Grooming, Certificate in Pet CPR and Certificates in Off Leash Group Dog Play.   

We know SERVICE is our only product and we are proud to have your pup run "back in" to have us provide it.