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Our peak days are Feb 23-Mar 4, Apr 19- 29, May 24- 28, July 3-8, Aug 30-Sep 3, Nov 27-Dec 2, and Dec 23 – Jan 2. Our peak day, regular day, and per night prices are $15. We’re CLOSED on May 27, July 4, Sept 2, Nov 28, and Dec 25.

Pet Care Service

Dog Daycare Veterinary Service

Find out more about Coastal Canine Resort’s Dog Daycare service by reading on!

Dog Daycare

Here at Coastal Canine Resort, we care for all dogs, big and small, young and old. Everyone is welcome in our home away from home!

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Our daycare is ready to keep your friend safe and happy under the care of our certified handlers.

We offer interactive fun and amazing care from start to finish. We separate our daycare groups according to three important factors, age, size, and playstyle.

Our professional dog handlers form the playgroups to encourage a safe and fun environment. All dogs get equal rest and playtime as they enjoy our air-conditioned indoor play areas and run around outside in our Pet Turf lawns.

Daycare Pricing

Full Day Packages
Prices are effective January 23, 2023.

1 Day


Per day

10 Days



20 Days



30 Days



50 Days



Half Day Packages

1 Half-Day


Per half-day

10 Half-Days



20 Half-Days



30 Half-Days



We offer temperament tests in the morning, Monday through Friday. Please (603) 964-8514 call and schedule a tour Monday – Friday. 

Play and Groom

Would you like your dog to come home with a fresh groom after staying with us all day? We offer the option to have a Play and Groom day! For a fee plus the cost of your groom, your furry friend will receive an awesome groom and get to play with their friends all day.